Option 1 

Applicants email or upload their college essay draft to a shared Dropbox. It’s reviewed in terms of content, whether it makes for a competitive essay (given the school they hope to attend), clarity, craft, and authenticity of voice. Depending on the strength of the essay, a discussion as to the choice of topic may not be required. Utilizing feedback, the candidate edits the essay to ensure it is insightful, authentic and in the most evocative language. Editing, proofing and rewrites are all part of this process. 

Option 2

College applicants may or may not have a draft. A discussion is scheduled to sift through their experiences and personal stories to determine what would make a most compelling college essay. Applicants may even be advised to change their topic, if needed. The student works the most insightful anecdotes into the college essay during rewrites. Besides compelling content, attention is paid to the craft of writing, clarity, and authenticity of voice. Editing, proofing and rewrites are all part of this process. 


US and international college applicants work with Naazish one-on-one in person, via skype or on the phone, at a mutually convenient time.