“Naazish was terrific in reviewing our senior’s college essays. Although he did all the writing, she would make sidebar suggestions on what he could edit out or strengthen to best express himself – never making changes to the documents – but supplying helpful comments only. They worked through a number of drafts very collaboratively.

Our son got into the college of his first choice and I believe it was due in large part to his excellent college essay. It may not always be the “make it or break it” factor of an application, but the college essay does matter. Needless to say, when it comes time for our current student to apply, we will absolutely use Naazish’s services again.”

B. Young.

Parent of American University D.C. student, ( Glen Ellyn, IL)

“Having Mrs. YarKhan help with my college essay was a true blessing. Once I had a rough draft of my college essay, I sent it to Mrs. YarKhan for feedback and edits. Within a day she had read through it, edited all of the points for grammar and punctuation, and had given me plenty of in-depth and thoughtful suggestions on how to revise my content and better articulate my thoughts.

She was extremely responsive and emailed me within 24 hours of each of my edits. Writing college essays can be a daunting task, but with Mrs. YarKhan’s help the process became much more manageable and fun.

If you are looking for an outsider’s perspective on your college essay and would like someone to help you refine your essay, there is no better person. Mrs. YarKhan goes through each college essay thoroughly and makes sure it is the best it can be, to better present you to your college.”

M. Ahmed

Duke University student, (Arizona)

“Naazish offered the perfect balance of push and pull, supportive praise and constructive critique to motivate my daughter in writing and refining her (college) essay to its best.

Naazish was able to push my daughter through her fears to see the talent that lay beneath, and provide the structure needed to pare down her detail so every word was meaningful. Through this, she inspired a great deal of confidence in my daughter’s own gift of writing and helped her delve deeper into her theme and “story” to flush out a remarkably deep and thoughtful essay. 

I am deeply appreciative of Naazish’s talent in working with my daughter with such great care as well as effectiveness.”

Susan Rosenbaum

(Glen Ellyn, IL)

Naazish has been a God send to our family. My three children have been writing with her and the results are phenomenal. All three of the kids were hesitant writers. A few months with Naazish and already they are a lot more confident. 

Mehreen B.

Middle & Elementary School Parent, Glendale Heights, IL

“Any student would benefit greatly from her skill. It can be difficult to say everything concretely in 700 words or less, but with her astute editing skills she ensured pieces that were always on-point and powerful.  As the Managing Editor of the Common Ground News Service (CGNews), it was always a pleasure to work with Naazish.

She consistently authored thoughtful and timely op-eds and articles for us, many of which were among our most widely read pieces during my time at CGNews. Oftentimes our readers would comment on just how refreshing and genuine her voice was. She possesses a true gift with the pen.”

Robert Amir Berry

Former Managing Editor for the Common Ground News Service (CGNews)

I would recommend Naazish wholeheartedly. She is a skilled writer and coach. She asked pertinent questions to help my son articulate his ideas and was most caring and competent. 

Shireen H.


Naazish is an amazing tutor. She was able to identify my son’s strong points within his paper. Give him the confidence that he did good job, but helped him to improve in areas that he lacked. With her help, my son’s writing skills have improved. I highly recommend Writers Studio to anybody who wants their child to succeed in writing.  

Mehtab S.

Middle School Mom, Plainfield, IL

I saw major improvement in my kids grade. Nazish way of teaching is very unique & devoted. Kids enjoy the way she taught & I am very pleased with the results. 

Amber S.

Middle & Elementary School Mom, Glendale Heights, IL

“No matter how behind I was on my deadlines or if I sent emails really late at night, I’d always get the perfect amount of help in such a short period of time. Her schedule was so flexible and easy to work with. Having someone with as much experience and passion for writing as she does helped so much. To anyone debating whether they should or shouldn’t invest in this service, I promise it’s well worth it.” 

Sana Kadir

Morton Grove, IL