What Makes for a Great College Essay According to Yale?

Think of your college essay as a selfie in words. But, remember, best face forward! 

As for the Second Essay, yes, the Yale specific second essay, the prompt is : please reflect on something you would like us to know about you that we might not learn from the rest of your application, or on something about which you would like to say more. You may write about anything—from personal experiences or interests to intellectual pursuits. Less than 500 words. 


For the Why Yale question, they are looking for information as to their culture. Read their student blogs to get at this, usually situated on the Admissions page.  


For recommendation letters, they are looking for specifics and even anecdotes as to how a student made an impact or an impression rather than “He was a good student, curious, great learner, pleasure to have in class.” 

For example: Jack organized a food drive, this is when, this is why and these were the results. Or in physics class, this was an experiment Naheed worked on and this is how it went over and above the requirement of the class. 


Most importantly, feel free to call any colleges admission office to get more clarification as to what they want to see from a student. They are very open.